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September 25th, 2021

Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei Denkt..twitter.com/zeitonline/sta…T3

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@andyzaharia @gruber At first I thought they mean „mail” and was puzzled.

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@AppleSupport you should offer a pref to revert to the previous tab design even just a „defaults write” setting. Or let me downgrade to the previous Safari version.
I am a webdeveloper and I can’t work with this disgrace of an interface. twitter.com/gruber/status/…

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@gruber Too late. They really make my working days miserable. Not even an intern could have designed this, was it AI? What is wrong in Cupertino?

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@baranek Ah, ok, verstehe. Wegen der Cyberattacken, vermutlich auch erhöhte Gründlichkeit…

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@jdriscoll I meant the story is crazy. Justified text with a monospaced font by choosing words with proper length? Wow!

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