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June 17th, 2020

Also, ich finde das fast schon unverschämt viel. twitter.com/ChristophKappe…

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Saugt wohl letztendlich doch ganz nett am Akku, die Corona-Warn-App. stefanseiz.com/t/QxNC.jpg

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@jasonfried @dhh if I email someone on hey and have a typo in the address, you don’t seem to bounce. At least not within hours.
Is that on purpose?

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@jasonfried with “Action-Menu”, i mean the one accessible through the Avatar at the top of a mail. Guess i might not see everything in the video. I’ll see it live once my invitation-code arrives.

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@jasonfried Watched your Video. Love what you did there. Lots of novel approaches. What is the reasoning to have the “Action-Menu” only on the top of an email? Seems to me, esp. in views like “The Feed”, i’d also like them at the bottom of an email, so i can react after reading the message.

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