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October 21st, 2014

@chockenberry why do you say that 5 Minutes after i installed it? ;)

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@bbedit Uh, oh! And Shift and CTRL etc. I see. Thanks!

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@bbedit „File”-Close-Items not displayed in File-Menu. Bug or feature (Key-Equivs work though)? flic.kr/p/oP2bUt

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@niallobroin Happy Birthday old Fart! All the best and only the best!

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Leerzeichen (wegen t.co) aus der URL entfernen und als Standard Browser Homepage festlegen. Instant Bildung.

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Tolle Idee! Meine neue Browser-Homepage http:// de. wikipedia. org/wiki/Special:Randompage
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ashk4n Disable all 3 of these services if you don’t want Yosemite Spotlight sending precise location and searches to Apple pic.twitter.com/3raBTTN1Fr

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