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June 7th, 2013

@YvonneSim ich hab ja auch so einen. Im Keller. Für den Notfall.

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@ste7130 sehe ich das richtig? Heineken is für’n Arsch? Harr harr.

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Can you see if a colored person blushes? Asking because i just saw @BarackObama defend Prism on the News and i couldn’t tell if he did.

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With the new Fitbit Flex on my wrist and the App transferring the Data to a US server, the NSA can easily find out that i am a sleeper.

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Fitbit Flex am Arm um meine Faulheit zu überwachen.

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@danielpunkass Because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to compare sizes? And that’s what men love to do, ain’t it?

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@mhenders there we go. How do you get a commenters Email though?

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@mhenders Let him know you depend on Apple for the GPS and that you’ll let them know about the bug…

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@twiiita Ahso. Ja, Ironie und 140 Zeichen, das ist schwer ;-)

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@dentaku ich finde, dieser permanente, direkte Draht ist schon eine neue Ebene.

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@twiiita das ist doch aber auf Twitter auch öffentlich. Ich kann ja deine Followrer/Followings auch sehen.

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@twiiita na ja, was ich da poste ist ja eh öffentlich.

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@erikschimmel evtl auch auf den in meinem Keller. Kommt auf das OS an und ob man es auditieren kann ;)

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@saimalkan Alles Gute nach Malle!

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Pinboard Let the feds know loud and clear how you feel: open a text document and type the words “screw the NSA!”

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Ob ich gleich mal iCloud und Dropbox kündigen soll?

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@CameraNoir sorry about that. I am used to communicate just the facts. Didn’t realize it might sound rude to strangers.

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@CameraNoir oh, no. This is not the end of the world. I just wanted to let you know because you probably couldn’t judge the translation qual

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@CameraNoir if i have time, i’ll translate the german text back to english for you, sou you know what i mean with garbage.

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@CameraNoir you either use the language or not ;) what you used there was garbage. English is preferred over garbage.

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@CameraNoir Understood, but why not just ship fast with english only text. The german text was a joke.

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@CameraNoir whatever you used to localize your update notes in the appstore, don’t use it again. Makes you look like a fool.

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