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January 22nd, 2013

@SugGus niemals, und die Toblerone, die ich zum Geburtstag bekam, kann niemals ein dreiviertel Kilo wiegen!

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@flexibits yep, such is life. Ones character is others annoyance ;) Thanks for the speedy replies, much appreciated!

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@flexibits srsly though, they’d only make sense if you could flip calendars up and down which you can’t. Your app, your call of course.

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@flexibits ok, never mind, thanks! I’ll just go back to iCal once Jony is done cleaning up the skeumorphic mess ;)

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.@flexibits Can we please get rid of these skeumorfacts? They look like a mistake, do nothing & drive me mad every day. twitpic.com/bxemoz

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@Zellmi ich war als Kind HSV Fan, nur wegen dem Blau und deren Logo. Das Logo finde ich immer noch bestechend gut.

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kottke Obama’s overlooked war: 3 killed in drone strike as he said “a decade of war is now ending” at inauguration kottke.org/13/01/obamas-o…

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