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August 2nd, 2012

@erikschimmel ich war ganz stark. Hab sie gefangen und raus gebracht. Jetzt brauch ich ne Kippe.

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Und das mit als panischem arachophobiker. Spinnen so groß wie Teller (ok, kleine Teller). twitpic.com/aepfz5

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@AmbrosiaSw Any ETA on a 10.8 compatible Snapz Pro or beta thereof? I really miss it ;-)

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@tweetbot if the selected tweet had a conversation, that is.

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@tweetbot TB Mac: swiping right multiple times on a tweet in the timeline is a fun bug. Drills you deeper and deeper in the same view.

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I love, love, love this new iPad with integrated stand, keyboard and no fingerprints on screen.

The 11” Air.

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SMS didn’t get popular because it was run by a media company. And neither did @Twitter.

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@ernielectronics You should add audio narration to your videos. Would make them so much better.

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@mhenders Same here, but i didn’t meet to update anything. Seems the app use oauth or something.

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Safari 6 drives me to Chrome! It’s so buggy (rendering errors).

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Whoa, spot on! The social „platform” myth: bit.ly/OGobQ7

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