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July 9th, 2012

Schaiz Autokorrektur. Nochmal: Toll, Menschen und deren Pantone Farbe humanae.tumblr.com

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YvonneSim Die FrauSim sucht einen als Assistentin der GF oder kaufmännische Mitarbeiterin in yvonnesimon.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/ste… (please RT)

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If @Twitter ever cripples or shuts down 3rd party clients or API access, I am done with it.

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@twittelator i’d be done with Twitter if they do that. Their own clients simply suck and 3rd party devs is what made them what they are now

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@backblaze Hi, i wasn’t only considering. I am your customer, planning to switch duE to missing xattr support, the lack of backing up Apps…

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@crashplan are you throttling incoming traffic to CrashPlan Central? I’m on a very fast connection and am never getting > ~270 kbps

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