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November 14th, 2011

So NASA Is now into producing ambient music videos? I dig their first one.

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… eg. If you’d pass it “Köln” as a location, it’ll automagically convert it to some city in Poland. This is just ridiculous!

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Public service tweet: if you’re creating events via the Facebook API, be aware, that FB is trying to be clever with cities but isn’t…

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Dito. Das grottige Facebook API hat uns mal wieder Stunden gekostet. “@markus_siepmann: </work>”

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@Airbrakeapp Thanks for the reply and i understand your feelings, but you should really consider opt-in if you don’t want to piss poeple off

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If i didn’t ask for your emails, i consider them spam. Looking at you @Airbrakeapp, @dublinwebsummit and an increasing number of others…

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