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October 14th, 2010

Wenn Ihr mal denkt, das Leben wäre hart, schaut euch “Precious” an. Dann geht’s wieder.

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@gaskopf Leggr, hongr, haidanai…

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Plaxo, your constant email reminders are a pain in the butt!

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@mhenders Discoverability is horrible. But that seems to be the gold standard in many iPad apps. Not easy.

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@iA So Raskin believes, naming Documents on the Mac’s Open/Save dialog is a bad idea and that it should be done in the menubar? Weird.

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@iA Hmm, i manage documents by clicking on the “Folder” icon. Renaming should IMHO also be possible in the Document Pane, that opens there.

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@iA got it, tap name in Menubar to rename Document in Writer. Dang, that’s not too obvious ;-)

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chockenberry Curious about iOS development costs? Here’s my reply on Stack Overflow: http://bit.ly/bPfFXt

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@iA did i forget how to, or is there now way to name a new document in writer?

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jkottke If your business advice boils down to “morality is irrelevant”, you’re an asshole, not a guru.

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