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September 10th, 2010

Calling it a Week. TGIF.

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stuntbox Bum bum bum a-bum bum bum bum doo dee doo doo dee doo doo BRAAAAAAAAAAM BRAAAAAAAAAAM! http://bit.ly/b9mx3q

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Freut sich, sehr bald das Dream Team bei @makalumedia (http://bit.ly/9zS7iq) zu verstärken.

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@maxvoltar So who is that fucker impersonating as you there?

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@getbaseapp Would be nice if you wouldn’t show items i just Added/Commented/Completed as i am still young enough to remember that i did ;-)

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@getbaseapp Another oversight: No Link to buy a license in the Prefs window. I’d make the Logo in Registration clickable and add URL below.

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@mike_matas i would also like to know if ipads are being used mostly while standing, sitting or laying.

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