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June 10th, 2010

Oh hi Microsoft Database Daemon! Enjoy the 99% CPU time. Might be your last.

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@mhenders It’s hands down the single best piece of hardware i have acquired in recent years (mine came built in though). Hope it’s durable 2

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@baranek Dann zieh Dir das auch gleich (falls Du’s noch nicht hast): http://clicktoflash.com/

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Here’s @maxvoltar’s and my advice to the speed loving Mac users out there:
GHz is marketing bullshit, RAM and SSD are where it’s at.

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Also das mit dem Foto Hintergrund auf Google – ich weiß nicht. Warum muß man Bing kopieren?

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Receiving fishing emails to a throwaway email i only used to signup for @MacHeist – hmm. How did that email leak out?

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@maxvoltar Told you it’s drastic. Makes one wonder why we focused on GHz so much in the past. SSD is the real kicker in this current game.

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