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January 28th, 2010

Nochmal. Jemand Erfahrungen mit den Build to Order SSD Platten von Apple für MacBooks? Lohnt sich das? Geschwindigkeit im vgl. zu HDD?

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Ibo Ich verlose ein 16 GByte - RT & Digitale Supermächte gibt es. (Buch dazu: www.fixierungscode.de)

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@danielpunkass or not having been near the reality distortion field and maybe not liking more and more AppStore controlled computing.

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@adamengst didn’t jobs say it is prepaid? If so, there shouldn’t be any possibility for going over the limit.

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Mac OS X with it’s open source sibling Darwin was such a nice start into openness.

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I just hope this isn’t the start of Apple generally shifting towards closed systems and walled gardens.

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Mögt Ihr die Permanentmitnebelscheinwerferfahrer auch so wie ich?

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The iPad is to the iPhone what the eMate was to the Newton. History repeated.

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@wilshipley Congrats on being the first with this anyway! You can be proud. Good artists copy from better artists.

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BTW: i am happy to see, that Steve looks much healthier now.

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