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January 15th, 2009

Watching http://live.37signals.co… asking myself why none of the other 37ers are ever on the screencast (except recently to just say hi).

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The UI on the Palm pre is mind-bogling. Lot’s of work to do for Apple to catch up on these concepts: http://is.gd/fYy6

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Ah, ok, only a simple hormone issue: http://www.apple.com/pr/…
All the best to him anyway!

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@zeitonline Sind euch die Umlaute verloren gegangen? Hier, ich hab grad zufällig welche parat: äüößÄÖÜ.
Versalen gibts morgen.

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@Twitterrific how about a pref to turn avatars off in Twitterrific touch to cut down dataroaming charges when in foreign countries?

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@uwekeim Kann der von der Leyen mal einer sagen, dass Ihre Blocklisten bereits jetzt schon veraltet sind.

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