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April 24th, 2008

Amazing how you can throw almost anything at Evernote and it will magically do it’s OCR - as long as no Umlauts are involved ;-)

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And this e.g. because Safari is broken not letting me override the system wide lang pref. I want the OS in de and Safari in en. Impossible.

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To clarify. A site honoring the Accept-Language setting is a fine thing. If it adds a a link or preference to override this, even better.

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@ahruman Yes, in this case Safari is broken. It’s impossible to run OSX in german and have safari send English as the Accept-Language choice

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@fdejako Sure thing, but i prefer a user configurable preference over Accept-Language. Try switching Safari to English and keep OSX german

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Never rely on the Accept-Language a browser sends. Let the user choose the UI-Language, not the browser!

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Wondering about the half baked german localisation going on twitter.com which even breaks prev. functioning links…

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