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July 07, 2008
Eisbach Surfen, Munich

Here's a slideshow of some pictures i recently took in the Englischer Garten in Munich.

It is totally crazy how fast this little but ice cold creek winds through the beginning of the park. People enjoy surfing although officially prohibited.

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May 26, 2008
Perishable Beauty

The beauty of this is, that you need to wait a whole year to enjoy these for a couple of days only. Totally contrary to our otherwise way too fast moving times.

Poppies-1.jpg Poppies-2.jpg Poppies-3.jpg 2008-Poppies1.jpg 2008-Poppies2.jpg 2008-Poppies4.jpg 2008-Poppies6.jpg 2008-Poppies7.jpg 2008-Poppies8.jpg 2008-Poppies5.jpg
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March 18, 2008
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March 02, 2008
Kunsthaus Bregenz - Maurizio Cattelan

Interesting Exhibition, fantastic Architecture & Light










Untitled 2007



All 2007






Untitled 2007

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December 27, 2007
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January 05, 2006
Berlin Impressions

Stelenfeld Berlin

Having been in Berlin for New Year, we also visited the Stelenfeld which is close to the Brandenburger Tor. This Memorial, designed by architect Peter Eisenman, has caused controversial discussions. Walking through the stelae it realy touched me. However, i too would have preferred if this Memorial wasn't only about the murdered Jews but would also include all the others murdered in the holocaust like the Sinti and Roma etc.

It is hard to find the right words, so i just let my photos speak. Also included, some shots from the Altes Museum.


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July 10, 2005
Patterns of Asia

Just posted a new album - Patterns - with some closeup shots i did on a recent trip to Bali in March 2005. There's always so much beautiful details to see with their old teak wood furniture, their gifted craftsmanship and the very different architecture.

They can build things very easily because of the climate and the architects not having to worry about the cold. You can simply build something in your backyard, put some furniture in there and just stick a rooftop on it. Forget about walls and windows...

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January 29, 2005
New Photos Posted

Just posted some few photos from our recent honeymoon weekend-trip to Vienna (Wien), Austria. Great city - a weekend is not enough to get even a glimpse...

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