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May 10, 2005
Tiger Install Hell

Here's a little help for all of you who fail to install tiger due to a corrupted disk - aka when diskutility reports it can't fix a broken disk.

Boot into singleuser mode by pressing APPLE-S when you turn your machine on.
When the System comes up with a textprompt, type:
fsck -fy
and hit enter.

You'll now get some output about errors fsck will find and apperantly try to repair (which it proved it can't in diskutility run by the Tiger installer already).
In the output, you'll notice it will print some numbers to identify bad files - something like:
Fixing bad file (1234567D)...

Write down all of these numbers (excluding any trailing LETTER - we only need the plain number - no A-Z).

Now type:
reboot (and hit enter)
to reboot into the OS already installe don your Harddisk.

By knowing these secret numbers reported by fsck, we can now find the actual files which cause the problems. After finding the files, i recommend to copy them to some external disk or a server as we are going to delete all of them!

To find those files, open again and type:
sudo find / -inum NNNNNN
where NNNNNN needs to be replaced by one of the secret numbers you wrote down previously.
The find comand will search for a while and finally output the real path and filename of the bad file. With this information, you can easily locate and delete the file from the finder.
Repeat the above "find / -inum NNNNNN" thing for as many of the secret numbers you had written down and delete all of the files "find" will find.

Now, you can boot into singleuser mode again (APPLE-S) run fsck -fy and it will fix your drive. Run fsck twice and when it is done type:
hold the "C" key to boot into your Tiger install DVD (in case it is still inserted) and you should be on your way to tiger.

Now if you mess up your machine, don't blame me!

[The above steps are not written for Geeks so i didn't combine the find and delete steps like a geek would have done ;-)]

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May 01, 2005
The Tiger Details List

Daring Fireball: The Tiger Details List: "I’ve been using the final developer build of Mac OS X 10.4 for the past few weeks, and I’m compiling a list of observations and interesting details. Things that are new, things that are different."

And here's what i found during the first hours of using Tiger:


You need lots of available Space. I ran a little short on the harddisk of my 12" and sure enough, the installation stopped with an error. If i wouldn't have been as knowledgable as i am, i would have lost my previous USER-Data as i did an archive install.

I need a new installer option
Currently you have these options:
  • Updating the Current System
  • Archive Install which does a clean install but can preserve your user-settings and such but archives the Old System in a folder called "Previous System". Allthough this prev. System can not be used anymore (as written inthe installer help), it is archived and wastes space
  • Super Clean install which formats your Harddisk and cleanly installs the new OS.

I had just used the "Update prev. System" for the last couple of updates. My gut tells me however that a clean install will always result in a more stable system, so this time i picked the Archive Install to have a clean install but still keep my user settings. Now if you don't have huge harddisks or have the habbit of always filling them up, this Archive Install requires far too much harddisk space, as it needs to fit the NEW OS and the OLD OS on the same harddisk (you can't archive the old OS on another drive). Now i didn't have enough space available.

This gives the desire for a new INSTALLER option which either lets me archive the previous system to an external HD (not many people will be able to use this archived old system anyway) or even offers me to just OVERWRITE the old system and only keep my User-Settings (old home folder...) which would be my preferred way. This way, we save a couple of GIGs which is otherwise wasted by the archived and useles old System.


I love spotlight and was really waiting for such a feature to finaly be available in a usable manner. It works pretty well but here's one minor glitch i wonder if this couldn't be a little bit more cleverly aproached.

It seems spotlight doesn't INDEX any of your iPhoto Libraries Metadata which i find strange. For example i have tons of photos taken on my various trips to Bali, Indonesia. The images of course have these weired filenames like "DSC00133.jpg" which doesn't mean much for indexing. However, all these images are nicely filed into an iPhoto Album called "Bali" and lot's of them even have keywords assigned. This means i had already taken the time to add META DATA to all the images. Sadly this META DATA is simply ignored by Spotlight as NONE of my Bali-Images is found when i search for BALI in spotlight. Some room for improvement.

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