Analytics to Earth Release Notes

Version 1.1

Build 38:
Fixed: Restored compatibility with current Mac OS X and Google API versions.

Version 1.0

Build 32:
Fixed: If you have no active internet connection, you will now get a nice warning displayed in the status field instead of the App just hanging or displaying cryptic errors.

Build 31:
Added new Twitter Account to Help Menu. Use it to communicate with us. Bugreports, Feature wishes… keep them coming.

Build 30:
1.0 Release (non beta).

Version 1.0b1

Build 29:
NEW: You can now filter reports based on certain GA Dimensions. More Dimensions will be added in coming releases.

Build 28:
Fixed: First run could hide main window behind browser window and confuse new users.

Build 27:
New: integrated KML Viewer via Google Earth Internet Plug-In (if installed).

Build 19:
Fixed: Saving the KML File on non German Systems and Systems running 10.4 didn't always work. Also a bug causing an error dialog with the message: "The variable errText is not defined (-2753)".

Build 18:
Fixed: Help Menu > Release Notes was not working on english systems.

Build 17:
New Icon and Feedback Menu

Build 16:
Fixed "Fehler in der AppleEvent-Routine. (-10000)" Bug.

Build 13:
German localization (incomplete). Bugfixes.

Build 11:
Various Bugfixes. Passwords are now stored encrypted in the preferences file. Therefore you have to reenter your password into the prefs window upon first launch of this update.

Build 10:
Fixed some bugs arising on fresh installs without existing preferences.

Version 0.9

Initial Alpha Release