July 27, 2016

When did i last log in to my mac?

Trying to find out when you last logged in to your Mac i.e. because you need to find out when you started work in order to do your timesheet?

If you always shut down your mac or log out of your account, this isn't very difficult as you can e.g. just use the last-command in a terminal.

However, if you just put your Mac to sleep without even logging out, because you set it up to require a password after some inactivity time, then this is pretty hard to find out. At least it was for me.

Here's the solution i came up with:

  • Open Konsole.app
  • In the list of Logfiles to the left, select system.log
  • In the search field on the top right of the window, type in: CGXDisplayDidWakeNotification
  • Wait a second or three until you get some matching entries displayed


This method will show you a line of text with a timestamp for every time, your display woke up. If you look at the attached screenshot, i came into the office that day at 08:15 ;-)

Hopefully this'll help someone google a solution i had to come up with my myself. If you have an even better solution, let me know!

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