June 07, 2011

Apple starts post Steve Era with Fireworks

Besides all the terrific announcements in the june 6th WWDC keyonte, one thing really struck me.
This keynote marked the start of a post Steve era.

Looking at the copy on Apple's official events-site, the transition becomes clear.

This might well have been the last Stevenote we've ever seen. Thank you, Steve!
If it weren't you steering Apple, i am not sure if i'd have spend the amounts of money on Apple gear that i have. I am confident your team can pull it off alone now.

Looking at what they have announced, it seems Apple is very well prepared for a new Era. I have seen a number of WWDC keynotes – some of them live – and this one was really big!

Past Events

1st "post Steve" event

Neither the photograph nor the copy focuses on a single person any longer. In fact, the copy announcing the event focuses on the products for the first time (that i know of).

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