October 19, 2009
Analytics to Earth for Mac OS X
Google Analytics to Google Earth

Analytics to Earth is a Mac OS X Utility which lets you view Google Analytics Geo Reports in Google Earth

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I believe, looking at Geo Reports in Google Earth in 3D offers far more insight into the world wide usage of your site than the flat, colored map in Google Analytics. Therefore i developed Analytics to Earth. Maybe one day, Google will integrate KML export right into Google Analytics.
In the KML files generated by Analytics to Earth, each page view is represented by a logarithmically scaled yellow line. Red lines represent more than 1.000 page views.

Using the Google Analytics API, Analytics to Earth downloads geo reports of a given timeframe, displays them in the built in browser or converts them into a .kml file which you can open in Google Earth.


After you launch the App, simply enter your Google Analytics Email and Password (needed to log in to the GA API), then specify a timeframe by setting a start- and end date. Clicking on the "Save" will then save the KML file to disk, where you can open it using Google Earth. Clicking on "View" will display the report in the built in browser using the Google Earth Internet Plugin.


All traffic to the Google Analytics api is done securely via SSL.

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