September 10, 2009

A different way to manage apps in iTunes

On September 10th, i promised on twitter to eventualy come up with a mockup of a better, more usable way of managing iPhone apps in itunes.
My point is, that i believe in the current itunes 9 implementation, Apple simply transferred the iPhone's quirky way to manage home screens onto the Mac and substituted the finger with a mouse. Not taking into account the benefits of a much larger screen size on the Mac (or – god beware – a PC).

So here's my take on the problem. Click on the image, play around with it and let me know what you think!
I can't guarantee, that this will work in any other browser than Safari of FireFox!

I am making use of the much bigger screen estate by placing the home screens side by side and by using a so called Dropzone where one can park icons to move them across screens (just like you park stuff on your desktop) which might not be visible and need to be scrolled to.
What is not implemented is multi-selects, reordering of home screens and sorting of apps (which is also needed e.g. sort by most used), as this is beyond the scope of my little experiment.

Better iTunes app management

This is a functional concept and not intended to show off my graphical skills.
Big thanks to jQuery for making it possible to sketch up such a simulation in almost no time!

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