February 10, 2009

Why i hate Movable Type


This effing progress bar won't ever finish. It stands still at the exact position you see above. And MT silently fails to republish "ALL" (after a template change or such).
Worst of all, i am a web developer and have no clue how to fix this (emphasis on MT, not my abilities), nor does MT give me any hint as to what might be going wrong.

This could be such a lovely relationship but MT doesn't stop to show its ugly face every once in a while. Oh well, i love Movable Type.

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no i haven't fixed this yet and neither contacted anyone. I assume this is related to the template being set to use the so called "Publishing Queue". I guess if i change the template to not use the queue, that publishing should work again. Will have to test and verify this however.


Did you ever get this fixed? Have you tried asking via pro-net or mtos dev?

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