September 06, 2007

iPod touch 1.1

So there you have it. An iPhone sans phone. iPod touch. Surely nice it is, with WiFi and all, but why it is not offered with a 160GB HardDisk (size or energy constraints?) and Bluetooth so you can surf the web and write emails on the couch comfortably using a keyboard, is bejond me.

Wouldn't this be a natural fit? Why would i trade in my 40GB generation X iPod for a 16GB touchpod and loose half of my multimedia library?

So here's hoping for iPod touch 1.1 with harddisk, bluetooth and reduced price ;-)

PS: watching the Stevenote, it makes me really, really sad to watch grown up people (older than 40) freak out over a ringtones feature. What has the world come to?

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