March 21, 2007

Mac OS X 10.4.9: Media Eject key delay

ejecticon.gif According to this apple technote, there's a new feature in 10.4.9 which puts a delay on the Eject Key to prevent accidential ejection of media.

Now how silly is this? Why do you need to prevent something which isn't a problem at all?
What happens when you accidentialy press the eject key? Well, a CD will be ejected. So what. You can always just pop it in again or press the eject key once more.

This is such a silly feature i would have only expected to see from Microsoft.

Will Leopard maybe contain a feature which puts a slight delay on all keys on the keyboard in order to prevent accidential typing? ;-)


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@vrnkwn: yes i do have various Apple Laptops ;-) Never ever had a problem with the eject key. Of course everyones milage may vary - so the least Apple could do is make this delay user configurable, so one could turn it off or on.
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I guess you don't have an Apple laptop. Or you are a typing monkey which doesn't, accidentally, never, ever, press the Eject key when deleting characters in the laptop keyboard :)

Granted, if you hold the eject key, then the media explusion is automatic. In my opinion this new "feature" does a little bit more good than being only typical MS :P

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