December 05, 2006

WebKit Nightly Builds and Saft / SIMBL /Safari PlugIns

Here's my little christmas gift to all of you having either Saft or any SIMBL PlugIns installed and want to work with the WebKit nightly bulilds without crashing or having to manually disable the above mentioned PlugIns:


is a simple AppleScript App, that just does the following:

  • Rename /Library/InputManagers to /Library/xInputManagers
  • Start /Applications/WebKit (the nightly build you have installed)
  • Rename /Library/xInputManagers back to /Library/InputManagers

Installation notes:
Download, unpack and doubleclick.

Note: as this script needs to rename a folder in /Library, it will only work when you have Admin rights for your Mac!

Tada! No more hassle.


PS: i wonder why the nightlies do not just already disable all input managers so we don't have to.

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