July 29, 2005

CGVirusscan Retired

Due to McAfee not releasing DAT Files for Virex Egines older than 4400 anymore, and engine 4400 and up having lost the DeMime command line option, i have decided to not invest any more time in keeping CGVirusscan alive.
Everyone on the CGVirusscan list agreed.

Since there is ClamAV, which is a perfect Anti Virus Solution, this shouldn't leave anyone on a Mac without a decent AV Solution.

It's been a fun ride but I guess it's time to say good bye ;-)
After all cgvirusscan wasn't my baby anyway and it was almost dead already
before I reanimated it...

So: CGVirusscan is dead -- long live ClamAV.

The easiest way to get going with ClamAV and CommuniGate Pro seems to be MPP free. I am using cgpav which might not be as easy to install, but works dandy.

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