April 22, 2005

Warning: Current Dat files no longer working

NAI decided, that recent dat files will no longer work with virex engine older than 4400 (as it seems). Problem is, 4400 lost the --mime option which is needed for cgvirusscan. So currently, this puts cgvirusscan out of order. We're working on a solution.

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Am I missing something?

Both Virex 7.5 and 7.7 seem to use the same engine and both seem to have the --mime option left ???

/usr/local/vscanx root# ./vscanx --version
Virus Scan for MacOSX v4.40.0
Copyright (c) 1992-2004 Networks Associates Technology Inc. All rights reserved.
(408) 988-3832 LICENSED COPY - Nov 16 2004

Scan engine v4.4.00 for MacOSX.
Virus data file v4623 created Nov 08 2005
Scanning for 156846 viruses, trojans and variants.

/usr/local/vscanx] leifc% ./vscanx -h
uvscan [--afc] [--allole] [--analyse | --analyze]
[-c | --clean] [--cleandocall] [--config file]
[--dam] [-d | --dat | --data-directory] [--delete]
[--exclude file] [-e | --exit-on-error] [--extlist]
[--extensions EXT1[,EXT2...]] [--extra file]
[--fam] [-f | --file file] [--floppya] [--floppyb]
[-h | --help] [--ignore-compressed] [--ignore-links] [--load file]
[--mailbox] [--manalyse | --manalyze | --macro-heuristics]
[--maxfilesize XXX] [--mime] [-m | --move directory]
[--noboot] [--nocomp] [--nodecrypt] [--nodoc] [--noexpire]
[--norename] [--one-file-system]
[--panalyse | --panalyze] [-p | --atime-preserve | --plad]
[--program] [-r | --recursive | --sub]
[--secure] [-s | --selected] [--summary]
[-u | --unzip] [-v | --verbose] [--version] [--virus-list]
[-] {file / directory}

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