January 29, 2005
New Photos Posted

Just posted some few photos from our recent honeymoon weekend-trip to Vienna (Wien), Austria. Great city - a weekend is not enough to get even a glimpse...

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January 11, 2005
The childish fortune 1000 company

childish AppleSo today is Keynote day again! This is usually the day when we religious like mac fans attach our eyes to the screens and worship our Macximo Leader, his highness Steve, talk to us.
This year it's gonna be different. In the past, we were all equal - wether we were fortunate enough to be live at the show or back home behind our DSL lines, as apple was broadcasting the event live into the internet. This seemed so important to Apple, that they even started live broadcasts of WWDC-Keynotes - which used to be a closed event only accessible to participants having signed an NDA - to the public.

This year however, Apple was so upset about some information leaked to the public before the event, that it reacted like a 6 year old and left in a huff.

Now i ask you, how can a company like Apple react so silly? Why do we, the users, the followers, the crazy ones, the ones who change the world have to pay the price for something bad some roumor site may have done?

We are the ones buying the products, being fanatically loyal. What if we'd react childish and would say: "No Apple, you've been mean to us, we're not gonna play with you anymore"?

Now if Apple would have said: "Due to smaller budgets, we are unable to present a live feed of the Macworld Keynote anymore" or alike, i would not even dare to think about it, but looking at the current situation about the "missing live-stream" just smells terribly cheesy.

Apple: grow up please and give us our Keynotes back! I mean live Keynotes! The ones which are so essential to our über-culture, that you even named a software package after them.

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