March 04, 2004

Feature Idea for NetNewsWire

Just had an idea for a feature for NetNewsWire

Lot's of people don't care to include their FULL Posts into their RSS Feeds (only an excerpt). This is bad when you use NNW to read RSS-Feeds on a commute to work and such (being offline).

In that cases, it would be real nifty to have NNW download the HTML-Version linked to a RSS-Post (the one you go to if you click on the Headline/Title in the 3pane-view). It should of course only do so if instruced by a Preference. It should then Cache the HTML-Version incl. images for a given timeframe so we could read that offline.

Having WebKit already in should make this possible.

This will also generally help reading RSS-Posts (not only when offline) as in case people only post excerpts, we could stay in NNW to read the rest of the post in HTML... I hate switching back and forward between NNW and Safari.


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