March 04, 2004
Feature Idea for NetNewsWire

Just had an idea for a feature for NetNewsWire

Lot's of people don't care to include their FULL Posts into their RSS Feeds (only an excerpt). This is bad when you use NNW to read RSS-Feeds on a commute to work and such (being offline).

In that cases, it would be real nifty to have NNW download the HTML-Version linked to a RSS-Post (the one you go to if you click on the Headline/Title in the 3pane-view). It should of course only do so if instruced by a Preference. It should then Cache the HTML-Version incl. images for a given timeframe so we could read that offline.

Having WebKit already in should make this possible.

This will also generally help reading RSS-Posts (not only when offline) as in case people only post excerpts, we could stay in NNW to read the rest of the post in HTML... I hate switching back and forward between NNW and Safari.


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Ridiculous Auto-Padding in IE (Win) Submit Buttons

I hope someone has a suggestion to get around one of the nasty "features" coming from Redmond:

Internet Explorer on Windows has some funny logic implemented to add some PADDING to SUBMIT-Buttons (<input type=Submit>) of forms. The Longer the content/text of the VALUE tag is, the more PADDING it adds automagically. Thus we have real ugly looking form buttons on our pages which take up valuable space.
This padding can not (to my knowledge) be set using CSS.

I'd appreciate if anyone knowing of a workaround to get rid of the padding IE is adding could let me know.

Look at the grey buttons in the screenshot below (click on the image for larger display) to get a picture of what i am talking about:

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