July 22, 2003
RSS Format Philosophy

Chuq and me are having an interesting discussion about whether an RSS-Feed of a blog should contain the full body of a post or not.

What do you think?
Full body? Excerpt? How long should the Excerpt be? Should there be 2 feeds - a full and an excerpt feed?

Personally i don't mind reading blogs in my webbrowser if there is an added value. For instance reading Zeldman's blog in a webbrowser makes sense to me because it is a very well designed site and a pleasure to my eyes. And even Zeldman is providing a "full" feed.
Other blogs (like Chuck's) are interesting to me purely because of the content. And to get hold of that "pure content", an RSS Aggregator like the brilliant NetNews Wire Pro is sufficient if not better suited for me (reading grey text on white background isn't a pleasure for my eyes) - it saves a click and an additional app.

After all, i like to read Chuck's posts, why else did i subscribe to them. So why shouldn't he provide his posts in a format i (and maybe others) prefer, given his reason for blogging is that he believes others are interested in what he has to say.

So what do you think? Comments?

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July 08, 2003
iSight / iChatAV / WWDC 2003
After being back home from WWDC and having the "Reality Distortion Field" slowly fade on me, i thought i had to comment on BBum's blog on iChatAV and the iSight:

Sure it was nice of Steve to give an iSight to each of us. Damn nice piece of hardware for sure. Much appreciated!

However, calling iChatAV "revolutionary" as lots of us Mac aficionados do, is - well - biased.

Being the first WWDC with an "Enterprise" track, here's what an "Enterprise" user like me feels is missing from iChatAV:

  • NetMeeting compatibility since this would also make it compatible with our professional video-conferencing system.
  • One To Many Conferences, since most of the time, a conference is really involving more than 2 persons.
  • Integrated whiteboard and screensharing in order to show others presentations and such.

Now all this isn't new and even exists on the Mac Today (more or less mature). For instance there is a promising looking video-conf App, which indeed is NetMeeting compatible, called ohphoneX.

Even a real interactive conferencing app incl. whiteboard and such is there. Never heard about it before i met the Developers on one of the couches at WWDC: Marratech.

To sum up: iChatAV is a nice start and i enjoy being able to chat with my Girlfriend here in Germany while attending WWDCs, but there's potential for much, much more...

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