June 22, 2003

WWDC 2003 - wear a flower...

View out of the Argent Hotel
Just arrived. Not a shaby view out of the Window here at the Argent Hotel. Getting ready for WWDC, not wearing a flower in my Hair which is too short anyway. Great City. A bit chilly compared to San Jose. Usually when WWDC used to start in May, it was already getting pretty comfortable in San Jose. Here in "the City" the wind blows forward and the wind blows back and it gets cold in the evening. Unfortunately I didn't even bring a jacket with me. Thus had the pleasure of running up and down the hills in search for a simple Levis Jacket (classic style) - and you wouldn't imagine - i haven't found one yet. There was a big Levis store on "Fifth" but either the Jacket was too large, to small or plain ugly. Met a lot of attendees though in a CompUSA on "Market" - just arround the corner from the hotel.

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