June 07, 2003

That darn Finder

While reading Daring Fireball: Noted, i just remembered the most annoying Finder Bug i came across: In the Finder, navigate to any folder and switch to List-View (the MS Explorer like view), then:
  • Hit Apple-Shift-N to create a new folder
  • Click on that new folder to select it
  • Hit Apple-Shift-N to create yet another new subfolder in the folder just created
  • Watch how that new subfolder seems to be highlited/selected in the finder
  • Hit Apple-Backspace to delete the selected item
Surprise! You just deleted the parent Folder, not the Subfolder as anyone with a little brain might have thought.


This seems seriously broken to me, and i can't tell you how often i already deleted my whole "Documents" folder because of this rather annoying incosistency.

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Nice one. And by "nice", I mean "bad".

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