June 07, 2003

Not so new at all

O'Reilly Network: New iSync Brings New Compatibility [June 07, 2003]:

Jason Deraleau writes:

But, while the new iSync might lack the ability to sync files, it does (finally) include some conflict resolving features. If entries on your various devices conflict, you are presented with a small window describing the conflict and allowing you to choose how you want to resolve it (i.e. which device takes precedence). You can also check a box to have all conflicts with the same devices involved be resolved in the same manner.

This is not new at all to me, i am quite sure, this feature has already been arround for quite some time.

However i agree 100% with him on his feature request about syncing files. I'd like to see this implemented by using .mac to ONLY store file-metadata and not actual files (as in Backup) and based on that metadata sync files from different macs.

In OS 9 we already had a similar feature. There was a Controlpanel (forgot the name) which let you sync files across harddisks or shares. It worked quite well and i do miss it a lot. Especially since i have various desktops and a AluBook which i'd really like to automatically keep in sync with the some files/folders from the desktops.

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