June 22, 2003
WWDC 2003 - wear a flower...
View out of the Argent Hotel
Just arrived. Not a shaby view out of the Window here at the Argent Hotel. Getting ready for WWDC, not wearing a flower in my Hair which is too short anyway. Great City. A bit chilly compared to San Jose. Usually when WWDC used to start in May, it was already getting pretty comfortable in San Jose. Here in "the City" the wind blows forward and the wind blows back and it gets cold in the evening. Unfortunately I didn't even bring a jacket with me. Thus had the pleasure of running up and down the hills in search for a simple Levis Jacket (classic style) - and you wouldn't imagine - i haven't found one yet. There was a big Levis store on "Fifth" but either the Jacket was too large, to small or plain ugly. Met a lot of attendees though in a CompUSA on "Market" - just arround the corner from the hotel.

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June 17, 2003
CGVirusscan 1.1

Since it seems John Ray isn't updating CGvirusscan anymore, i finally took the time to do some needed updates to it myself. I do hope that is OK with him.

So here it is.

  • Got rid of munpack as it often crashes.
  • Updated it to support CommuniGate's EXT Filter API 2, so you can decide if poisoned mails get bounced or silently discarded.
  • Tweaked a few other bits and pieces and cleaned forking.
  • Added a simple installation script.

THIS Release does NOT contain a threaded version anymore because i am too lazy to maintain two versions and i figured no one has a threaded perl version on osx anyway...

To adjust if virusscan boundes or discards poisoned mails, edit virusscan-fork.pl with BBedit or Pico and modify LINE 16 to:



Since i updated the EXT Filter support, i am NOT SURE if this will run on CGP before 4.X Versions. I could only test it on a 4.0.6 Version.

How to install:
Download the Archive from: here

Open a Terminal Window (using Terminal.app).

Assuming you downloaded this archive to your DESKTOP, Type:
    cd ~/Desktop/
    tar -xzf cgvirusscan.tar.gz
    cd cgvirusscan

    READ the README File!!!!
    (more " README")
Feedback welcome via Comments!

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June 07, 2003
That darn Finder
While reading Daring Fireball: Noted, i just remembered the most annoying Finder Bug i came across: In the Finder, navigate to any folder and switch to List-View (the MS Explorer like view), then:
  • Hit Apple-Shift-N to create a new folder
  • Click on that new folder to select it
  • Hit Apple-Shift-N to create yet another new subfolder in the folder just created
  • Watch how that new subfolder seems to be highlited/selected in the finder
  • Hit Apple-Backspace to delete the selected item
Surprise! You just deleted the parent Folder, not the Subfolder as anyone with a little brain might have thought.


This seems seriously broken to me, and i can't tell you how often i already deleted my whole "Documents" folder because of this rather annoying incosistency.

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Not so new at all

O'Reilly Network: New iSync Brings New Compatibility [June 07, 2003]:

Jason Deraleau writes:

But, while the new iSync might lack the ability to sync files, it does (finally) include some conflict resolving features. If entries on your various devices conflict, you are presented with a small window describing the conflict and allowing you to choose how you want to resolve it (i.e. which device takes precedence). You can also check a box to have all conflicts with the same devices involved be resolved in the same manner.

This is not new at all to me, i am quite sure, this feature has already been arround for quite some time.

However i agree 100% with him on his feature request about syncing files. I'd like to see this implemented by using .mac to ONLY store file-metadata and not actual files (as in Backup) and based on that metadata sync files from different macs.

In OS 9 we already had a similar feature. There was a Controlpanel (forgot the name) which let you sync files across harddisks or shares. It worked quite well and i do miss it a lot. Especially since i have various desktops and a AluBook which i'd really like to automatically keep in sync with the some files/folders from the desktops.

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June 04, 2003
Safari and Content-Type: multipart/x-mixed-replace

Update: 2005-11-15
Yikes! The WebKit Team just added multipart/x-mixed-replace. Thank you very much!

Surfin' Safari asks and i respond:

Random fun question. If you had to pick a W3C technology to implement next in WebCore, which one would you choose? Justify your answer. ;)

(1) XSLT
(2) XForms
(3) SVG
(4) MathML
(5) CSS3
(6) XHTML2
(7) Content-Type: multipart/x-mixed-replace

I vote for support of Content-Type: multipart/x-mixed-replace, something really old fasion but nonetheless handy. First of all, because this is such a great feature to have a server PUSH data out to a client. I often use this when writing CGIs which have long output, so i can push and display line by line to the browser and the person browsing actually immediately gets response (line by line) without having to wait for the cgi to finish its work...

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