April 18, 2003

Safari Beta 2 is now available...

Ken Berskin of Apple writes:

Safari Beta 2 is now available and looks like the new features have been really well received. If you haven't tried it out yet, be sure to check out the new tabbed browsing and autofill forms features. These were without question, the top two requests that we heard from the very enthusiastic Safari community.

[Apple Ken Bereskin's Radio Weblog]

I really like the "Autofill" function especially for Logins/Passwords on variouis sites, i only wonder, why these Passwords aren't stored in the Keychain? At least to me it seems they aren't. On the other hand, safari stores username/password for regular HTTP-REALM authentication in the Keychain.

Go figure (well, it's a Beta after all).

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