February 09, 2003

On Safari

[Re: Surfin' Safari]

I agree with Gruber, that clickinig on the "Bookmarks" Button should better open a new window. With the current implementation, you are often accidentially "replacing" the currently visible page (when you're not done reading but want to open an additional window through a bookmark) by a click on a bookmark.

Of course this'd add window clutter, but if you also come up with a clever "tabbed browsing" implementation - hey - it'll just be fine.

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Hi - I think safari is great close to perfect - so don't make too many changes to the GUI!! But a non-clumsy (something that doesn't run the current slim interface) tabbing (optional on or off) would be good. The bookmarks could go into the tab I guess. But my plea (you can sing this one) - "don't go changin' just to please us..."


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