February 09, 2003
On Safari

[Re: Surfin' Safari]

I agree with Gruber, that clickinig on the "Bookmarks" Button should better open a new window. With the current implementation, you are often accidentially "replacing" the currently visible page (when you're not done reading but want to open an additional window through a bookmark) by a click on a bookmark.

Of course this'd add window clutter, but if you also come up with a clever "tabbed browsing" implementation - hey - it'll just be fine.

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Heise just reported that Pixar is switching away from its Sun servers.

Surprisingly they aren't switching to Mac OS X or XServes but to some Intel based bladeservers from Rackspace.

I'd really like to know how Steve will justify this move ;-)

[heise online news]

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You want SPAM? Are you bored or what?

Today, over at the CommuniGate Pro List, some have expressed their need for spam:

    I want spam :-) but only for one of my spamtraps. I used it quite often for usenet posting but it is seldom used by spam senders. Has anyone a good idea how to get it in spam-lists effectivly? My best idea was to use it for "please remove" queries used by spam (if the ask for any address und do not use a code in the url) but this has not help much either ...

Reading this, i really think "why on earth would someone want this?".
Spam is already polluting the net, so no one with a little brain would really want to force even more of this totally crap messages to flood our pipes. Keep in mind that spam doesn't only pollute your personal inboxes but also causes traffic which someone has to deal with (pay for), so forcing spam to your account also affects others - not only you. This doesn't make you a good netizen.

You should use a spamtrap to protect other addresses on your website or such by adding:

<a href="mailto:spamtrap@mydomain.dom"></a>

to your page source which will add a nice invisible mailto link to the spamtrap, but please don't just use it to force getting spam. If you really need some spam, i can send you my whole spambucket which currently consists of 1454 pieces of crap.

The only good reason for forcing spam to ones account would be, if someone is dealing with spam in a professional or academical sense - for instance developing anti spam tools (like Bayes filters or such).
As long as you don't do this, just be happy if you don't get much spam - jesus christ!

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